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Stress time

Well, after checking out the Australian Working Holiday page on Facebook, I’m quite unwell to note that…

Application closed

… and I’m not sure AT ALL to have well uploaded my video.

The message I screened in the previous post seemed clear though, but I didn’t take a look at the homepage after seeing this message, to notice if “Application completed” appeared, which is apparently the guarantee to be among the lucky candidates. Now, I’m just waiting for relief : confirmation email.

I just feel so uncomfortable, uncertain and stressed, I mean, it’s just messing up my mental health so roughly that I could actually complaint against Tourism Australia for attempting on my personal integrity. Half kidding…


Man, it took days doing this application. With website and twitter. I’m SO motivated. Don’t tell me it’s over because of some technical problem, while I respected the deadline.

I know everybody’s got his own situation. Special thoughts to those missing the deadline because of time difference or bad internet connection… I think I can fairly guess what you feel.

By the way I’m not the only one asking question and worrying about this, but it actually makes me feel even worse. Really, Australian Working Holiday, I know you have lot of work, but you should consider open a damn psychological unit.

Anyway, the show must go on… Let’s wait.

All the best to all the candidates waiting, and support to those working on the selection of videos ;)

And may GOD send me this holy email so that I can rest in peace.

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